Review Of Patricia Benner 's Clinical Practice

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Nursing 3311: History and Theory Charles Ogongo, 11/03/15 Patricia Benner: Clinical Practice. Patricia Benner was born in Hampton, Virginia in August 1942 .She moved to California as a child together with the rest of her family which consisted of two sisters and her parents . By the time she was in high school, her parents divorced. This experience became very difficult for the entire family espe-cially the children. While in college, she found work at a hospital’s admitting department. It is during this time that she decided to be a nurse. Benner earned an associate’s degree in nursing from Pasadena City College in 1942, a master 's degree in nursing from University of California San Francisco in 1970, and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in 1982. As a nursing theorist Dr. Patricia Benner developed a model for the stages of clinical competence which she outlined in her book "From Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice". Her model is one of the most useful frameworks for assessing nurses ' needs at different stag-es of professional growth. Dr. Benner’s work has wide application in areas of clinical practice as well as other disciplines. In her research, she found out that when nurses engaged in various situations, they learned from them, and developed what she called "skills of involvement" with

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