Review Of Philp Zimbardo 's ' Stanford Prison Experiment '

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Stanford Prison Experiment Nicholas Burpee Psychology Sarah Gilliss December 4, 2015 The Stanford prison experiment was conducted by Philp Zimbardo and the objective of the experiment was to study the Psychological affects that the prison atmosphere has on both independent groups, the guards and prisoners of the Stanford prison experiment (6. Grievances. n.d.). The other objective of the experiment was see how labels affect both the prisoners and guards in either negative or positive ways while being incarcerated. The experiment consisted of twenty-four college students ranging from U.S. and Canada, those twenty-four individuals were selected from the original seventy plus applicants that applied to be a volunteer after reading the article in the paper about the experiment. The experiment was held in the basement of the psychology department of Stanford University (6. Grievances. n.d.). The prison was built around the existing walls and rooms in the basement, the rooms acted as cells for the prisoners where they would be spending there next fourteen days, there was also a guard’s room and a waiting room for visiting parents of the prisoners. Philip Zimbardo wanted the experiment to be as realistic as possible, so Zimbardo consulted the help of many other psychologists, psychiatrists, preacher and an ex-con in the construction of the prison. During the experiment the guards were not permitted to use physical force against the prisoners so the guards mentally
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