Review Of ' Pieces Mended ' By Film, And Digital Art

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Title: ‘Pieces Mended’ Modality: Movement, Drama, Film, and Digital Art Materials: Samsung Galaxy Edge, HP stream, Filmora editing software, and music by The Used. Flashback: The year was 2002, I was standing on the corner waiting for the van to take me to therapy. The outfit that day was likely a black hoodie, studded belt, family guy t-shirt, skinny jeans, and checkered vans. The music blasted through foam covered Sony headphones that looped behind my neck. The song ‘Pieces Mended’ by The Used (2002) played on a beat up disc man, which was decorated in yellow caution tape, duct tape, and sharpie marker. Three minutes passed – felt more like a decade. I remember thinking that the entire situation was bullshit and no medication, or amount of therapy was going to help me. The only ingredients that would ensure a smooth day were whiskey, a wine flavored dutch, and my bed. The song lyrics supported my decision to ditch therapy that day, because honestly, what did “they” know about anything. The lyric, “fuck it, I’m fine” became my motto for the next few years (The Used, 2002). Present Day Detailed memories from childhood and adolescence are difficult to remember, but the emotions that arise in association with being fifteen are difficult to forget. Using music and movement made it easier to embody a younger version of myself for the Adolescent Mandala assignment. Embodiment meant going back to that song – that motto, and recalling those moments when “[b]eing faced with

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