Review Of Postwar History After World War II

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Book review of Postwar
In Postwar, by Tony Judt, Judt lays the groundwork of European history after World War II. Judt further gives analysis on the situations and solutions that were formed during this period of change and reconstruction. Judt 's book is a good source to inform the current generation of various issues, of which this review will address how organization of Europe, migration, and the battle of American and Communist ideals in Europe after World War II. Judt uses topics and information that can transcend generations to relate new and old issues. Judt does have faults in how in some instances his own opinions seem to overpower the text and take away from the overall value of his point and the history.
Judt shows the difficulties that were involved in creating an organization to Europe after World War II destroyed many countries. The book further shows how the organization and unity in Europe culturally, politically, and economically has been getting stronger over time and this is an important idea that can be learned from the current generation. Judt 's argument is persuasive to our generation in how Judt says what a situation actually is and he references "pop culture" when he is discussing current Europe, both of which draws in our current generation. An example of when Judt is direct about an issue is when he is discussing the Schuman Plan and he calls it "a European solution to a -the- French problem"(Judt 2005 #156). Examples of how Judt ties pop…

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