Review Of ' Regarding Henry '

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“Regarding Henry” was a fantastic film starring Harrison Ford playing the main character Henry. The story told is about a lawyer who is very rich and an arrogant man, who was shot twice, once in the chest and then in the head during a grocery store robbery that he walked in on. After the gunshot accident Henry goes into a coma, when he awakens he is aphasic with several psychological and physical disabilities which also put him into a child like state of mind. Henry is unable to speak, move his arms or legs and suffers from major memory loss. He his sent to a rehabilitation hospital where his family hopes he will relearn what he has lost. During his rehabilitation process, Henry is able to restore his relationships with his family and friends, and he really rediscovers himself while he leaves behind the arrogant version. The communication disorder that is portrayed in this film was aphasia in adults. According to our book, Aphasia is a loss of language due to a stroke, head trauma or another type of brain damage. (Tanner, 2003). As a result, from Henry’s gunshot accident to his brain, he was put into a childlike state of mind due to is receptive and expressive abilities. Henry becomes fully aphasic, specifically Broca’s Aphasic, which a person with Broca’s Aphasia has choppy and non-fluent speech with pauses, fillers, and struggled attempts to speak (Tanner, 2003). The area of the brain that is called the Broca is in the frontal lobe and is responsible for combining…
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