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The name of my case study is Rekha Desai. She is a fifty-two year old indian female. She is hardworking, outgoing, and mother of two. Rekha is very health concise and sticks to primarily a plant base diet. She has been a vegetarian for thirty-seven years. Rekha follows this lifestyle with her four sisters. Shortly after turning twenty, Rekha had a arrange marriage to a financially stable indian gentleman named, Uday and they have to two kids, Gopal and Bella. Rekha is currently employed as a teller supervisor for a local financial institution where she is top performer for her branch. Although Rekha enjoys what she do she dreams of retiring soon, but feels she must continue working because she feels she has been cursed financially. Rekha and her husband owns a Subway but she feels she needs to work extra to cover added expenses due to her son having a disability. Rekha son, Gopal was born perfectly healthy, but due to a very high fever he encounter as a baby it left him mentally challenged. Although Rekha enjoys working her attitude and performance is starting to affect her good customer service performance. Over the last few months Rekha has been short with communicating / interacting with co-workers and clients when being asked about her state of being. When the manager addressed Rekha behavior change, she stated she was stressed about personal life. Her son was needing to have all his teeth removed and replaced with implants because they were causing him severe

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