Review Of Related Literature On English Students

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II. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE A.Vocabulary As in the know vocabulary is a collection of words which is one important part in learning English which is the second language of the mother tongue. According to Folse (2008), learning english should gain an understanding of vocabulary mastery, it can help the students to improve their vocabulary. Vocabulary is a list of the usual set of words arranged in sequential alphabetical order dictioned or dictioned by a dictionary or glossary. All words in the language, whether the sum of words used or understood by a particular person, such as social group, profession, trade (Grolier, 1981: 112). Based on Oxford learner 's pocket dictinory (2003: 428), vocabulary is all the words that a person…show more content…
3. Adjective It is the word used to quality noun or pronoun. Example: my sister is beautiful. 4. Adverb It is word used for qualifying the meaning of verb, adjective, or another adverb. Example: they go too school at seven o’clock. 5. Conjunction It is a word used to relate one word to another one, or one of sentence to another one. Example: you and I make a cake. 6. Pronoun It is the word which caan take the place of a noun. Example: she is a doctor. 7. Interjection it is a word put into a sentence to Express a sudden feeling of mind or emotion. Example: Wow!!! She is beautiful. By learning these types of words students can understand the function of each type of word, as well as in learning the type of words students can understand or know when the word is used in a sentence. It can help students in improving their knowledge of good and appropriate words for use in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. In learning English students have some difficulties to obtain more vocabulary. Because students have difficulty obtaining a large vocabulary, teachers need to know what difficulties students face in getting a vocabulary. So teachers can find interesting and good methods and strategies for teaching students so they can get a lot of vocabulary and good. . As a result, classroom to improve studentds ' vocabulary mastery (Folse, 2008). Teaching vocabulary is not East to do. It is clearly more than just presenting new words. Vocabulary itself will make the students
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