Review Of ' Shiloh ' By Toni Morrison

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The protagonists are the most important characters of the stories. They play an essential part in building the story to its climax. The protagonists encounter with different characters and their experiences with those characters became paramount in developing the outcome of the story at the end. Sometimes we overlook the significance of non-protagonists. Many non-protagonist characters have a significant impact on the protagonists. In “Shiloh” written by Bobbie Ann Mason, Norma Jean and Leroy are unhappily married couple who are going through a transformation in their marriage. Leroy is failing to keep Norma Jean satisfied with their marriage and eventually faces a cruel reality which will alter his life. Also in “Recitatif” written by Toni Morrison, Twyla who briefly stayed at St. Bonny’s orphanage, met Maggie and Roberta, who would later become indispensable individuals that would forever change her point of view on life.
In the story of “Shiloh,” Leroy and Norma Jean have been in an unhappy marriage for sixteen years. Even though their marriage was an unhappy one, it seems to be normal, from Leroy’s point of view, until he gets into an accident. According to Steward J. Cooke, he later comes to terms with the cruel reality of his shallow/empty marriage with Norma Jean (Cooke). Even though he knows about the abnormality in his marriage with Norma Jean, he is still stuck in the past and hoping that he could renew their marriage and start afresh. All the while Norma Jean is
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