Review Of ' Songs Of My Generation '

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Hey guys, Sophie Jeffrey here for Channel [V]. Welcome back to another segment of ‘Songs of My Generation’. This week we’ll take a look back at the totally tubular 80s. The 80s was full of many things: Rubik’s Cubes, Wrestling, Pac Man, Lip Smackers, Nintendo, skateboarding, roller skating, Horror films, the BratPack, connect four, Tupperware parties, pop rocks, Weird Al Yankovic, who’s currently making a comeback FYI… and the list goes on! Horror films made their way onto the scene in the 80s with thousands flocking to movie theatres to see the latest scary flick. The 80’s are to thank for some of the popular fashion trends we still see today: RayBans, Doc Martens, bright colours and denim jackets, but while some of the fashion trends found in the 80s soared, others, like leg warmers, spandex, shoulder pads, parachute pants, mullets, perms, sweaters around the waist, big hair bows, all definitely proved that with the good always comes the bad. This was a decade full of new and advancing technology: out with the old and in with the new! The 80s said goodbye to cassette tapes and boom boxes and hello to compact discs and Sony Walkman’s, taking the first step in redefining the music industry. Ladies and Gentlemen, Rock and Roll, these were the first words uttered on what was to become one of the most iconic and popular TV channels, MTV. It would continue to dominate for the next 33 years following its launch on August 1st 1981. MTV changed the way people viewed music and gave…

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