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Review of Subject This essay describes how values and demographics have changed in American society over the last 30 years, and how the changes have impacted marketing to American consumers. It starts with an overview of consumer behavior model which includes the influences on a consumer decision process, and how businesses can be successful in being the chosen brand in the decision process. It covers the three categories of values: self-oriented, environment-oriented, and other-oriented, and explores how marketing address diversity and gender-role changes at home and in the society. It covers the impact of demographics on marketing and includes research that shares recommendations on how organizations can address the changing values and…show more content…
The experience of the post-purchase usage, including any after-sales support, would feedback to the internal or external factors and influence future purchase (Hawkins, & Mothersbaugh, 2016). Khare, Saxena, and Tewari (2012) found there is a need to examine all the marketing mix factors beyond price in a product-brand selection. Critical factors include good environment, great reputation, attentive sales person, a full line product portfolio product, innovation/design (in a fast-paced technology driven industry), unconditional defective product return, manufacturers ' status, quality, and country of origin (due to perceived quality). The sensitivity (price or technology) of these factors may depend on the customer class while online retailers with better reputation charge higher prices. Influence of culture. Cultures differ in values, language, non-verbal communications, and demographics. Even within one culture, there could be variations among different demographic groups defined by age, gender, education, and income. Understanding these differences are important to a marketer, as it allows a firm to group customers with similar product-related needs sets, and select the right market segments to target. The firm would then develop an effective marketing strategy to touch the right consumer with the needs and purchasing power (Hawkins, & Mothersbaugh, 2016). Adalet (2015) argued that the researcher must be especially
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