Review Of ' Taming Of The Shrew '

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Taming of the Shrew: Katherine: Negative Characteristics: Katherine is the title character (the “Shrew”) of the play. She is the eldest and unmarried daughter of Baptista. She is hot tampered and can slap people around her when they make her mad. Katherine Minola is a fiery, spirited women and seeing her such behavior, the people around her doesn’t quite know how to react with her or what to do with her. Most of the characteristics of Katherine is initially what people tells or think about her. Plays half part shows the negative side of Katherine. In Act I, we see her speak less but yet her behavior gets well established. After Baptista announces that Kate would would get marry before Bianca may take suitors, Gremio interpretes about Kate by declaring “ She’s too rough for me” (1.1.55). Even Hortensio speak bad about her and calls her devil (66). All speaks bad about Katherine and tells that no one would marry such a rude lady. Kate is a such a lady who always tries defending herself. Kate’s character is such which encourages us to see her unmannerly, incorrigible and abusive behavior. But what Kate actually says reveals that she may not be as domineering as other characters does make us believe. Everyone believes that she is a shrewish. She may act like a shrew because she is miserable and desperate. There can be many reasons for Katherine’s unhappiness. One of the reason can be her jealousy about her father’s treatment to her younger sister. She also has a fear that
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