Review Of Tanna Anderson 's ' The Lord God ' Essay

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Practicum Paper: By Tanna Anderson Passage 1: Isaiah 65:24 1. What is significant about the placement of the texts location within the book (near the end)? 2. Does it make a difference to know which king was reigning at the time? 3. Would the application of this prophecy be different if it came near the end of Isaiah’s ministry and the end of Israel’s exile? 4. Preventative vs. Redemptive Prophecy; how does this affect the application to the church? 5. Is Isaiah or God the speaker during this particular prophecy? 6. The closest proclamation text is in Isaiah 65:13 which declares, “the LORD God” not just “LORD” as is stated in Isaiah 65:8. Is this significant? 7. Who is the audience “they” that the speaker is speaking too? 8. What audience does the general context of Isaiah 65:1 establish? 9. Paul gives an application to the Gentiles in Romans 10:19-21. How does this application affect the contextual audience of Isaiah 65:24? 10. Can this application be limited only to the bloodline of Israel? 11. What theological and historical contextual changes are typically understood by the language “new heavens and new earth” (Isaiah 65:17)? 12. If we synthesize that “the LORD” is the speaker as referred to in Isaiah 65:13, does this connect to the original creation account distinction: Gen 1 (God) and Gen 2 (LORD)? 13. Does the prophet Isaiah employ multiple symbols and styles to link these passages together? 14. Does the promise of children within the framework of

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