Review Of ' The Art Of Quilting ' Essay

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The Art of Quilting
Quilting is an artform that has been passed down through generations. The origins of quilting is still unknown to the public but it is known that it has been around for centuries. The art has traveled through sad and happy times in our world 's history, and it will continue to do that in the future. Quilting is defined as the joining together of layers of fabrics with lines stitching to form a bed cover, warm garment, or for decorative effect. Quilting has been pegged as being an older person 's activity or boring, but that simply is not true. More and more American children are being enrolled into sewing and quilting classes each year. (Creel;Hall) In an interview with Stephanie Collings, she spoke about her career in quilting. She began her own business and quickly began to make a profit. In the interview she is asked about her income and she states, “My income is very small compared to our family income, but every little bit helps! On a good month I will make around one thousand dollars.” She also talks on how quilting is more of a seasonal project which is when most quilters make a large portion of their money (Fowler). There are also many competitions all around America where a quilter can enter their quilt into a quilting contest. In these quilting competitions there is a possibility to win monetary rewards and gain recognition from other well known quilters. One of the largest known competitions is provided by America’s Quilter’s Society. There
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