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The name atom comes from the greek word atomos which means “uncuttable”. Implying that atoms are the smallest unit of all matter. Atoms are the basic units of all living things and matter. In your body there is an estimate atoms in your body. In other words 7 billion billion billion, that 's a lot. Throughout history many discoveries have been made. Some people have made an impression on today 's idea of the atom such as Mendeleev,Boyle,Bohr,and Thomson. The earliest discoveries were influenced by Democritus, He proposed that everything was made out of invisible particles, or atomos. Aristotle disagreed, Since most people then were in favor of Aristotle’s beliefs rather than Democritus. Aristotle believed that there were only 4 basic elements (this became the cornerstone of early Alchemy). One of the most basic beliefs of Alchemists was that Color was the most basic property of an element, and so they decided that to first make gold they had to get the golden color.
The process of changing Colors of elements was described as Melanosis,Leukosis, and Xanthosis. This process was undertook in a Kerotakis, a early distillation method used by early Alchemists to change color. The blackening was the first step in the process of Melanosis, from this stage arsenic sulfide was added to whiten the copper. Mixed with the whitened copper the Calcium Polysulfide solution gave the metal a yellowish tint. Many alchemists bragged that they had created gold (not

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