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Review of the Book Spark Colleen A. Hendy University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation In partial fulfillment of the requirements of N3335 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Cynthia Koomey, MSN, RN May 6, 2017 Review of the Book Spark In the book “Spark” author John J. Ratey, MD describes how exercise can physically help out our brains. Anywhere from doing better on a test, improving grades, combating stress, anxiety, and depression; to helping with addiction, hormonal changes, aging, and mood disorders. Dr. Ratey gives us in his book, scenarios of people who he has treated in his life, and how exercise has transformed them into a better person. He visits a school in Naperville, Illinois, where science…show more content…
This is why I chose this book, as I knew it would help me get back to where I needed to be and get get me motivated again . Two Topics of Interest One of the topics that interested me was how at Naperville Central High School, in Chicago, there is a program where most of the students go for a mile run in the gym at the start of the day. After working out, “the students are more prepared to learn in their other classes, their senses are heightened; their focus and mood are improved; they’re less fidgety and tense; and they feel more motivated and invigorated (Ratey, 2008, p. 35).” Exercise influences the brain at the cellular level. Statistics showed that the students, who exercised, their scores improved in science, reading and comprehension. The other topic that interested me was how exercise can help addictions. One woman, named Susan had to sit around her house while the contractors worked on her house. She was so use to being busy before this all happened doing lots of activities and events outside the home, and now she was stuck at home and bored. When she was stressed she started to drink wine, and got to the point where she was drinking everyday. The author of the book Dr. Ratey saw her, as she felt her world was shrinking. Instead of reaching for the bottle of wine every time, when she was stressed she started jumping rope, and it helped her improve herself. Exercise has helped others too with their
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