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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is the type of book whereby once you finish reading the book you take away something valuable. The plot of the book wasn 't too elaborate because there was no plot twist or anything dramatic. It was a simple story of learning how to cope no matter what life throws at you. I love that it wasn’t just about 9-11 but also about the war torn Dresden and Hiroshima. My thoughts on the book is that this is probably the most powerful anti-war book I’ve ever read. The stream of consciousness writing style is the perfect choice.This is a book filled with overwhelming feeling.The book is written in a unique way and includes a lot of photographs that give you a look into Oskar 's mind who happens to be the protagonist in the book. I like the fact that It’s not depressing and parts of the book are also very humorous and funny. The characters are living after experiencing tremendous loss, some which happened recently and some which happened a lifetime ago. They are all unable to move on. They are unable to communicate their fears or their hurt, so they just keep it locked up, keep feeling it and reliving it. It 's all quite depressing. But at the same time there are happen moments the make the depressing moments worth it. The protagonist Oskar starts out as a 9 year old who finds it difficult to come to terms with his father 's death. He is intelligent and imaginative, capable of explaining the intriguing concepts of his inventions using strong words for
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