Review Of The Book 'Their Eyes Were Watching God'

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In the book “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” the main character Janie marries three different men, Logan Killicks, Joe Starks (Jody), and Vergible Woods (Teacake). She marries each of these men for different reasons. First, she marries Logan because her grandmother guilted her into marriage with him. In the book, on page 13, it says, “‘Brother Logan Killicks. He’s a good man too.’ ‘Nah, nanny, no ma’am…’” This is saying that Nanny wanted Janie to marry Logan, however Janie didn’t want to marry Logan. Secondly, Janie marries a man named Joe Starks, also known as Jody. She marries Jody because she doesn’t want to be married to Logan. In the book, on page 30, it says, “Janie debated the matter that night in bed.” In summary, this is saying that…show more content…
“So they were married there before sundown…”(Zora Neale Hurston, 1937). Lastly, after Jody’s death, Janie marries Teacake by cause of the death of Jody and he makes her laugh. In the book, on page 97, it says, “She laughed and he gave her a little cut-eye look to get her meaning.” This means that Teacake flirts with Janie which makes her laugh and therefore she likes Teacake. Later she gets married to Teacake until he died. The three husbands are different from each other because Logan wanted her to help him work. On the other hand, Jody and Teacake both wanted to do the work for her. Teacke is different from Janie's other husbands because he doesn’t force her to do what he wants. Logan is different because he is her only husband that was still alive after Janie moved back to Maycomb. Janie learns a lot from her three husbands. For example, from Logan she learns that she needs to help her husband and she has to contribute to their marriage. Another lesson she learned, from Jody, was that when you’re married you need to be an obedient spouse. Lastly, she learned from Teacake, that you should trust your spouse and let them explain something before you falsely accuse
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