Review Of ' The Brilliant Idiots '

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Charlamagne is one of the most well-known figures among this generation and celebrities. Born and raised in Moncks Corner, South Carolina is Lenard McKelvey also known as Charlamagne Tha god or Charlamagne for short. Charlamagne is a radio and TV personality who started as an intern at a local radio station in South Carolina when he was a young adult. . ‘’In 2005, Charlamagne met then-radio host Wendy Williams. Soon after, she brought Charlamagne to New Jersey and put him on her show as a co-host’’ (Bell Par. 5). Charlamagne is known for being a co-host alongside with DJ Envy and Angela Yee ( Also Radio Personalities) on one of the most popular radio shows in the United States named The Breakfast Club on The radio station Power 105.1 in…show more content…
As the interview went on Charlamagne elaborated more saying ‘’ Cause your young and have an old face, like drake says ‘’I’m really too young to be looking this old’’ (Starbury 10-16). Eventually, Mama couldn’t take Charlamagne’s verbal assault any longer. And broke down in tears, as she reflected on her mother who passed away at the beginning of her career (Starbury 20-23). This interview has given a negative perception of Charlamagne because he was the one who made her cry. And even today people talk about the interview and make jokes about it. The first picture comes from a YouTube video clip from the Tv show ‘’Guy Code’’ posted on April 2nd 2015. The video clip was of Charlamagne alongside his friend/Comedian Lil Duval answering questions and it is a visual of Charlamagne’s personality. When Lil Duval and Charlamagne are together on the show they always give their honest opinion and come off as mean. July 31, 2014 Charlamagne had almost go into a fight with former rapper Fredro Star during an interview. According to Power 105.1 ‘’Charlamagne Tha God started to bring up something upsetting about Brandy that was said back when they worked on her sitcom, Moesha. Fredro exploded when her name was mentioned and proceeded to bring up Charlamagne’s eye-punching incident repeatedly. Bother men went back and forth for a while and Angela Yee (Co-Host) attempted to break up
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