Review Of ' The Client ' Charlie Kelmeckis ' Essay

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Part One: Clients Background The client, Charlie Kelmeckis, is a 15-year-old teen who lives in Western Pennsylvania. Charlie is a freshman student from a high school in a Pittsburgh suburban. Charlie lives with his mother, his father, older sister, and his older brother. He also used to live with Aunt Helen which is her moms’ sister when she was alive. Charlie was the most attached to his Aunt from all of his family members. However, when he was age 7, Aunt Helen died in a car accident the day of his birthday. Charlie had been previously institutionalized by his family after the death of his aunt with the fear that he will harm himself. He has also been hospitalized for trying to commit suicide. Moreover, he was abused by his aunt when he was at a very young (5 years old). Moreover, his Aunt Helen grew up dependent on drugs and alcohol. Charlie has history of emotional problems; however, he has not been diagnosed with anything yet. Before entering high school, he had a period in his life were things were really rough to him and was shocked by the death of one of his closes friend who committed suicide. By time he gets into high school, he is first described by his classmates as a loner person, and has only few friends in school. Most of the times, Charlie will spend a lot of his days reading, listening, or making tapes. Charlie has also experimented with some drugs such as Marijuana and LSD. Charlie’s mother and his
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