Review Of ' The Film ' Spirited Away '

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Lessons Learned In Life In the film Spirited Away, an animated movie from the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki centralized the main focus on Chihiro, the leading protagonist in the film. The author takes the readers on a rollercoaster ride to the spiritual realm that follows the adventures of a young girl who gets trapped in a village inhabited by unhuman beings, as well as her attempts to rescue her parents who are turned into pigs by the malicious witch Yubaba, and her desire to find her way back home to the human world. Sometimes in life me meet unexpected encounters who can impact you by recognizing your true purpose in life. While it’s obvious that Chihiro appeared to have a childish behavior at the beginning, nevertheless, the author never failed to surprise the readers about how the girl stubbornness will surely guide her throughout her stay in the mystical world by conquering her own fears. One cannot help but notice how Miyazaki’s quickly introduced the conflict in the story at the beginning of the film when Chihiro and her family unexpectedly entered the spirit world by mistake. As the story movie moves forward you see how the author details Chihiro parents began to eat excessively at one of the food stands in the village while she is very persistent about her parent’s behavior, she decides not to eat anything without having permission to do so; causing her parents to be turned into pigs. Now that her parents are gone, she has to find a way to bring her
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