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The Future Sports Star “Jones steals the ball he is streaking down the court as fast as lightning 3 seconds left he shoots half court it’s gonna be close. SWISH.! it’s in., Cavaliers win. Jones sinks the shot from half court Cavs win
“That’s gonna be on sportscenter” says Michael Jordan in the locker room. “Thanks man” I said
Jones up to bat in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded their down 4, he swings it’s down the middle, pitcher hangs a slider, it’s off the bat. It’s a high fly ball it looks as if it touches the clouds going to center field it’s outta here! Reds clinch the final playoff spot against the Cardinals!
Hey I am Marvin, Marvin Jones. I play basketball and I play center in the NBA and first base in the MLB and i
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“I know dad but I can’t leave” I said.
“This is a chance of a lifetime” dad said then I went upstairs without eating
I was done with my parents then they wouldn 't listen to me ever I wanted to play baseball but, if I brought that up again they would get mad at me because i have been bringing it up too much.
“Hey sport” my dad called up, “do you want to go to the reds game I have two tickets.”
I put on my Joe Morgan jersey and went down the steps faster than a bull at a rodeo. Yes, things were going my way finally.
Then when we left my dad brought me to the new school it was nothing I have seen before, it looked like a gym but when I walked in it had 10 classrooms 3 huge gyms with double basketball courts and a signed magic Johnson jersey. A Michael Jordan signed jersey, and so much more, then I saw it a Joe Morgan signed glove it was amazing. I loved the way the school looked but, we had to have a conversation about academics.
“Do u have good grades young man?” the principal asked..
“What, oh yea I do okay.” I answered.
“Good, do your best here okay.” The principal said.
“Fine” I said a little too mean.
“Hey Marvin could you go to the hall?” dad said. “Fine” I said.
So I did I met some other kids my age and we played some basketball but my heart wasn 't in the game. I wanted so bad to be on the dirt of the baseball field with a bat in my hands swinging for the fences, but, I wanted to make my dad
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