Review Of ' The Game Of Thrones And The Fifth Child '

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Mother’s Love Saiaf Mother’s love changes complexly with children and circumstances. I would like to evaluate how mother’s love is shown in the book, Game of Thrones and The Fifth Child. Game of Thrones uses three mothers and how they raise their child. Of great notice is the fact that the mothers live in different conditions with different challenges and different kinds of children. The women too, have different personalities and backgrounds. We realize from the book of the Game of Thrones, and the book of The Fifth Child that women react differently regarding loving their children. The changes might be because of the nature of their children, their personal challenges, or the circumstances that they are living in. We will study the sister of Caitlyn whose husband was killed under unclear circumstances. Finally, we will also study the motherhood of Harriet as she takes care of her five children with her husband. This essay is about how a mother’s love changes in different circumstances. Caitlyn shows different characteristics while taking care of her three children. Mother’s love is supposed to be unconditional. Irrespective of any situation, mothers should love their children, equally and visibly. Caitlyn, however, shows that one cannot love all their children equally. She particularly shows some of the aspects that might have caused the impartial treatment of her children. Her love for Arya is not as strong as her love for the other children of Eddard. She
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