Review Of ' The Golden Eyes '

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That was when she saw him, clinging to a small piece of broken wood floating in the now dark waters. His golden eyes widened as he struggled to hang on, showing absolutely no signs of fear. Clary pushed her way through the floating debris, the ocean 's current was much stronger than she anticipated. He floated in the icy water, his fingers refusing to let go of the wood. Jace could feel his strength slowly beginning to slip away, as he drifted in and out of consincouness. She swam over to the spot where she 'd seen him fall. Various objects floated around in the water including small pieces of wood, barrells, rope, and even a very small part of the ship 's broken mast. Dark crimson blood poured from the small wound. He looked to his left, and that was before a huge wave crashed right into him, and knocked the poor prince from the wood, right back into the water. Clary 's green eyes widened in terror, as she watched the beautiful man fall into an abyss of complete darkness. "JACE!" she cried, knowing a human couldn 't survive in the underwater kingdom. Using all of her strength, she dove back into the water to find him. It was very difficult to see through the murky waters, for the ship had crashed above into a surge of rocks and was now lost and gone. She swam through the various wreckage in her way, as she saw Jace going deeper and deeper right down to the ocean 's floor. His arms were spread wide and lifeless, as he continued to float towards the bottom of the sea. He
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