Review Of ' The Golden Girls ' And ' Beautiful And The Young ' Essay

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1. List the titles of the television programs you viewed, noting whether each was a current program or, if a rerun, approximately how long ago it was first broadcast. Bold & Beautiful (B&B) 1987- present Eric and Stephanie Forrester A Different World rerun 1987- Vernon Gaines, Lettie, Col. Taylor The Golden Girls rerun 1985- Sophia Pertrillo The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air re-run 1990- Hattie banks The Young & the Restless (Y&R) 1973-present- John Abbott, Catherine Chancellor, and Victor Newman (present day older adult) 2. Briefly describe several of the elderly characters portrayed in these programs, noting any common themes or stereotypes. In the Bold & Beautiful and the Young & the Restless the older individuals are very protective over their families and will go to any extent to protect them. In the Golden Girls the four women going through different stages of life ranging from middle adulthood to late adulthood. The eldest character, Sophia, is often appreciated for her wisdom and experiences she shares as lessons for the other women. In all five shows, friendship is a common theme. The different family members tend to become frustrated with the older adults and the older adults have to turn to their friends for love and support. There’s a constant battle on B&B, Y&R, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and A Different World with the young adults wanting to be independent, and their parents interfering in their lives trying to do what they feel is best for their children. The

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