Review Of ' The Heart Of The Sea '

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Kristin Montane
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Rough Draft for In the Heart of the Sea

question: The psychology of survival (are some of us predisposed? Is there a personality type that is more likely to? You might say living is something we are obligated to do. A gift we are given by our parents, a blessing in which we need to be grateful for. Well, not everything in life is easy to say the least. People in our world fight day by day to survive. You don 't realize, but it is extremely easy to give up. But what keeps us going? What triggers our brain to gain endurance to not give up hope? The human brain is not only one of the most crucial organs in the human body; it is also one of the most complex. Our brain has the ability to motivate us through situations we would never think we could possible get through. Nonetheless encounter. Just like the crew members of the Essex, a 240-ton whale hunting ship set sail from Nantucket on a voyage for whales. About fifteen months after setting sail to their journey, they reach the South Pacific, where they are repeatedly hit and sunk by an eighty-ton bull sperm whale. A sperm whale when fully grown and mature tends to weigh between 400-600 pounds. Imagine being hit by an animal that big on a boat. Scary right? If you could switch shoes with the crew members for just a second what would you do. Would you fight to survive or give up? It is an extremely tough decision if you were to ask me. Life before for the crew members changed…

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