Review Of ' The Interlopers '

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Katelyn Lindsay Mr. Titherley World Literature Honors Period Five 25 September 2017 First Draft of Interlopers
Blinded by Beliefs Saki, in “The Interlopers,” says that because our family plays an important role in who we are, we choose to see only evil in our enemies for the sake of our kin, our blood, until the threat of death opens us to more options. We choose to imitate certain individuals whose beliefs we associate with more than others. More likely than not, the individuals we choose to imitate are our close relatives; they often have a bigger impact on our mentality than someone merely acquainted with us. Because we are raised with them frequently present in our lives, we tend to inherit the same qualities and
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The beliefs that we adopt, excluding those crafted with a significant purpose in mind, limit our perspective and blinds us from seeing other possibilities. Once we adopt a vision or belief, whether it be about a person or event, we tend to refrain from all other perspectives that have the power to contradict our own. Ulrich and Georg were brought into the feud as enemies at a young age. Even “as boys they had thirsted for one another 's blood,” and this disposition stuck with them for “as men each prayed that misfortune might fall on the other,” (6). Their families’ view of each other, being such a prevalent part of their childhood, had influenced them to show the same hatred as well. Instead of outgrowing the childish behavior they developed by watching their families quarrel, the men continue to see themselves as enemies, even developing a stronger dislike for them. While searching the strip of forest for Georg, Ulrich finds himself “face to face with the man he sought,” and now they stand, “glaring at one another for a long silent moment” until they are pinned underneath a fallen beech tree (7). The men physically see each other, glare at each other, but neither is given time to speak. Their long silent moment interrupted by a chaotic act of nature leaves Georg “blinded with the blood which trickled across his eyes” and
Ulrich “wink[ing]
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