Review Of ' The Last Of The Mohicans '

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Tayseer Abdelsalam
Early American Literature: Critique #3

The Book vs The Movie The main difference between, The Last of the Mohicans, book by James Fenimore Cooper and the last of the Mohicans movie, is that the book has a more adventurous theme and the moive has a more romantic and love them. I felt that both stories were extremely interesting.

Due to the text’s complexityz and the author’s peculiar writing style, it took me quite a while to get into the story, thus reducing my reading speed considerably. But, once I was one third into the book, I started to really enjoy it and, as the narrative became more and more complex, I became aware of how much the book and the movie differ.

I think that the most shocking difference between the book and the movie is the relationship between Hawk-eye, the scout, and Duncan, the major. If in Mann’s movie there’s hatred between La Longue Carabine (aka Hawk-eye) and Duncan Heyward, in Cooper’s book their relationship is based on respect and both are willing to give their lives in order to save the others.
(James Fenimore Copper’s ‘The Last of the Mohicans’: book vs. movie
By V.M. Simandan

Another difference is the relationship between Hawk-eye and Chingachgook and, respectively, Uncas. The movie makes it clear that Hawk-eye is Chingachgook adopted “white son,” and thus Uncas’s step brother, but
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