Review Of ' The Lorax ' By Dr. Seuss

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Adaptations At our school district, we strive to meet the instructional needs of Joshua by adapting our lessons. These adaptations will help Joshua comprehend the lessons, focus and content. Joshua will spend at least 95% of his time in my general education classroom. He has qualified for assistance through our Title one reading program. He will also visit Mrs. Brown our Learning support teacher to help reinforce lesson content. Joshua struggles with reading in general; to have him succeed in class I will offer strategies for Joshua to acquire. Through our team effort we will help make sure Joshua has success in reading comprehension. Prior to our lesson I will explain why Earth day is observed and the book for the lesson “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. Our Title one Reading teacher Mrs. Rupert will introduce this book to Joshua before we read and discussion it in class. She will introduce a technique called TRAP. TRAP is a wonderful technique to aid students with reading comprehension. T, the think step asks Joshua to use prior knowledge and define the purpose for the reading. If Joshua can relate to the reading in some way the reading material will gain a purpose. The R refers to reading a paragraph. Joshua will read a paragraph with Mrs. Rupert. A, is the ask step of gathering details. What is the main idea and important details of the paragraph? Lastly P refers to using paraphrasing or having Joshua put the main idea in his own words. I will send home a list of the

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