Review Of The Movie ' The Intern '

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The movie that I had selected to watch is ‘The Intern’. It is a movie surrounding the life of a retired husband whose wife had died of old age. It is about a 70 year old man name Ben Whittaker coming out of retirement due to loneliness and felt the need to keep moving and fill that hole in his heart. He decided to work for a fashion company who are looking for senior interns run by Jules Ostin. Through a series of events, Jules and Ben had developed a trusting relationship with each other as businesses partners and friends. Jules would not only come to Ben for advice in regards to the company due to his many years of experience in business, she would also go to Ben for relationship advice. Ben had been in a business company for many years and through his experience, he was able to witness the leadership qualities that Jules had without her own knowledge. Though this movie is a heartfelt movie, it displays Jules great leadership skills on how she runs the company and motivates her employees. In this assignment, I will be exploring Jules leadership within the company in positive and negative aspects. In the beginning Jules’ company was small but it quickly expanded as a result of the successful response from her customers. As a leader, she was able to influence her workers to achieve a common goal (Gentner, Module 11). She motivated her employees through trusting them, developed other leaders, and achieved results (Gentner, Module 11). During a scene where Jules had already
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