Review Of ' The Notebook ' And It Illustrates The Dramatic Love Story Of Two Young Adolescents '

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The Notebook Family Assessment Introduction Family plays a very important role in the health, development, and socialization of each individual member that belongs to the family unit. Bozette’s words (as cited in Friedman, Bowden, and Jones, 2003) defines family as “who the patient says it is” (p. 10). This assessment is based on the movie “The notebook” and it illustrates the dramatic love story of two young adolescents that in time overcome the barriers that are brought on by the differences in family dynamics. Through this assessment, the different family dynamics will be depicted in order to understand how these influence each individual character and how they impact the actions and decisions that are made. Movie Setting and Story…show more content…
Assessment of Movie Family Noah’s family unit is composed of his father Frank Calhoun and his best friend Finn. The family’s relationship appears to be characterized by love, trust, open-communication, and respect. Noah is an only child, quiet, and respectful, who has been raised by his father in a countryside home. He is well aware of the limitations that surround him both educational and financial, yet seems to be content. Additionally, he appears to be very secure with whom he is and optimistic in the way he views the future. His character as a son is manifested through his hard work at the lumberyard and reading poetry to his father in the evenings. Frank Calhoun is portrayed as a loving, nurturing parent that cooks for his son, thus, encourages and supports his son’s autonomy; this can be viewed when he ultimately sells his home to buy Noah the Windsor property that he dreamed of rebuilding. Communication between father and son can be identified when Frank tells Noah that Allie was prettier than he had led on, leading to believe that previous conversations of this nature had occurred. The access to healthcare, one can presume was limited or non-existent, as Noah’s father made a statement describing a stuttering condition in Noah’s earlier years, which was treated through poetry reading (Cassevetes, 2004). Alley’s family can best be described as a

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