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Worn out from spending ages getting Gawain settled into his bedchamber, Perceval lumbered down the castle corridor and made it to his door. Carefully, he entered his quarters and took a quick glance around the room; it was empty. His wife and their baby might be visiting with Carina, or Joan might have taken Percy along on a patient visit.
Joan was an apprentice to Pawl, the Court Healer, and she had just started seeing a few patients again here and there eight weeks after Percy’s birth. Perceval would never stand in the way of his wife’s ambition to be a healer, but he worried about her returning to her duties so soon after having the baby, even with an abbreviated schedule. She did not have to work, as Perceval had amassed a
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But finally, one night, he summoned the courage to ask her for a walk. He still winced when he recalled how they accidentally butted heads, but somehow, through all the trails they’d faced, they were married, desperately in love, and had their little son, Percy. It seemed hard to believe any man had a right to be so blessed.
Relaxed, Perceval’s thoughts drifted to the last time he and Joan had sex, which had been right before Percy’s birth. Other knights complained to him sex with a pregnant spouse was awkward and some did not care for it, and went so far as to visit the bawdy house instead, but Perceval thought they were all mad. Pregnant, Joan had been more gorgeous than ever, with her breasts full and that beautifully rounded belly carrying the baby he’d put there. There was something so alluring and sexy about it that was hard to define.
Now, she lamented she looked like a “deflated pig’s bladder” after birth, but Perceval declared that was madness. There was a slight softness to her lower belly, but she had carried his child and given birth; he saw that as beautiful and a badge of honor, though she disagreed. Though he did chuckle with her about how her breasts had grown to twice their normal size since she was nursing. She told him to enjoy them while he could, because they would not always be liked this
His Joan was a gorgeous woman with long, dark locks

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