Review Of ' The Quilt '

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Lauren Jackson
Prompt #2
“The Quilt”
15 February 2015
Role of Sexuality in “The Quilt” In my opinion, we are all born with natural sex. But gender is a socio-cultural and man-made classification. Symons that is coined with the gender “male” is “strength”, “power” and “domination”. Words that are representative of the genderfemale” are “pretty”, “delicate” and “submissive”. Gender divides human beings based on sex. Gender creates restrictions on women in a socio-cultural manner, for example, in marriage. These gender restrictions make women subordinate and voiceless. “The Quilt” explores a discourse of self-awareness in women’s identity. Through her story, I believe that Chughtai frankly exposes secular discrimination in a way that exposes gender and sexual conflicts. These conflicts arise due to patriarchy that nurtures off the gender roles that create a hierarchy for men and for suppressing women. In “The Quilt” sexuality marks the main theme of identity. Within the lines of the “The Quilt”, I believe that Chughtai exposes the disconnect between the sexuality’s of Begum Jan and Nawab because of their genders. Chugthai raises the questions of marriage as a social and economic enterprise by stating, “despite renewing the cotton filling in her quilt each year Begum Jan continued to shiver night after night” (Chughtai). Begum Jan “shivers” at the thought of her sexual fantasies as a form of frustration with the state of loneliness in her marriage to Nawab. Begum Jan
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