Review Of ' The Rush From Judgment '

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A. Read “The Rush from Judgment”. Explain how the miseries discussed in this chapter are partially caused by what Dalrymple calls “the absence of either fear or hope, only the present moment…you do what is most amusing, or least boring, at each passing moment.” How does this “eternal present” idea make his patient’s lives worse? Answer: The miseries being discussed in this chapter entail only living for today and not having any goals. These women feel like their efforts will not be rewarded and that’s how they become complacent. Dalrymple touches the harsh subject of physical abuse and how it effects the women’s mind. When he’s talking to his female patient she realizes the inability of her questioning her significant others reasoning. So I think it opens up a realm of questions on how abuse can not only hurt a woman’s confidence but also make her lose a sense of self. B. Why does the essay “What Causes Crime” offer a different analysis of crime? What is wrong, in the author’s view, of the standard explanation of crime? How does the case in New Zealand (discussed in the chapter) offer an alternative explanation? Answer: I think the authors point of view is one sided a little because he thinks everyone thinks their life out completely and has common sense. A lot of these crimes could have been prevented but you also have to take into account that persons circumstances. The crimes discussed in this chapter showcases that it can be a good explanation and not every murderer is a
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