Review Of ' The Secret Scripture ' And ' Playboy Of The Western World '

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Vaughn 8

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Influence of Feminism, Social Expectations, and Religion in Irish Literary Works and How Personal Experience Alters Interpretation
A Critical Analysis of ?The Secret Scripture? and ?Playboy of the Western World?

Baylee Vaughn
EN 3870 LCA Irish Literature
Dr. John Kerrigan
5 December 2016

Fascinating is one way of describing Irish Literature. All Irish literature seem to have similar characteristics. First, Irish literature always takes place in Ireland and is about Irish citizens or those with Irish heritage. If one does not know about the Irish, it is not always possible to understand the Irish by reading Irish literature because the authors? definition is what they believe to be Irish. Irish playwright, John Millington Synge, born in 1871 in rural Rathfarnham, outside Dublin Ireland died at age 37 in 1909, authored ?Playboy of the Western World? and award-winning, Irish playwright, author and poet, Sebastian Barry, born in 1955 in Dublin authored among others, ?The Secret Scripture? are not only similar in heritage, embodying the characteristics of Irish literature in these two works, written one hundred plus years apart, with similar genres?satirical tragedy and tragedy, but also show the strong influence of feminism, social expectations, and religion. The personal effect was greater for ?The Secret Scripture? as characters and events outlined in this book relate to instances in the life of my aunt, mother and

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