Review Of ' The Snows Of Kilimanjaro And Fitzgerald ' Winter Dreams '

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The Norton Anthology of American Literature is a collection of stories and poems that represent different periods in our American literary history. The Anthology is more than a history book or a collection of stories. It is a glimpse into the life, norms, attitudes, and ethics of a specific time period as seen through the eyes of each author. The stories and poems represent times that often seem removed from our current culture, such as the morally bankrupt slave traders and owners, or as relevant today as the maxims of Ben Franklin. The stories presented by Hemingway in The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Fitzgerald in Winter Dreams both represent the struggle of two men each dealing with their place in society as it relates to being male and…show more content…
Fitzgerald and Hemmingway’s characters, Dexter and Judy as well as Harry and Helen, closely resemble the life and experiences of the authors. The plot for each of the stories deals with male identity, economic class, and the interpersonal relationship with women. The driving force for aspiring to economic success for Dexter is Judy. Judy is the ultimate symbol for success and the final piece of the puzzle to complete his Winter Dreams. Dexter’s life mirrors Fitzgerald’s in that Fitzgerald also was “determined to make a fortune and win Zelda”, a driving force in his life (Fitzgerald 2148). In The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Helen was not the driving force behind success; she was the reason for Harry’s failure to succeed. Hemingway, “In 1920, (he) married Hadley Richardson and went to Paris. Supported partly by her money and partly by his journalism” (Hemingway 2203). Both Hemingway and Harry married into money, which caused much of the anger and frustration over gender roles as females became the economic support of the family rather than the male. “Hemingway identified the rapid change in women’s status after WWI and the general blurring of sex roles that accompanied the new sexual freedom as aspects of modernity that men were simultaneously attracted to and found hard to deal with”( Hemingway 2204). The theme that is present in each story deals with the inner conflict each man is trying to come to terms with. For Dexter,

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