Review Of ' The Twilight Series ' And ' I Am White ' Essay

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When comparing my life to Roxane Gay’s author of Bad Feminist, I know we have a lot of similarities, but a lot of differences. We are similar in the fact that we are alive at the same time, and have seen, and read a lot of the same materials discussed in Bad Feminist, we are both women, and we are both bisexual. We are different in the fact I was born in the nineties while she was born in the seventies, I am white, and she is of Haitian descent, and we both have varying events that have shaped our lives. Because of these differences, we have varying perspectives. Our age gap is a large difference, we have experienced some of the same things, looking at things different ways. We have both read The Twilight Series and I would have been in grade six when I first read it. Reading the series at that age, I was not aware of the abusive actions of the male vampire romantic interest Edward. I thought he was dark, mysterious and attractive, abusive was not something that came to my mind. Gay, being older than I while reading has more knowledge and understanding of what abusive is “We’re suppose to believe his obsessive control and devotion are somehow appealing. We’re suppose to think he’s prince charming” (Gay 193). She could call out what Edward’s abusive behaviours are, while me in grade six was fantasizing about a vampire taking me away. I understand now the signs of abuse, I remember reading a post online years after I went through my ‘Twilight phase’, it was about how the
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