Review Of ' This Book Will Save Your Life '

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Matthew Tshoi 7/25/14 Professor Brian Katz Final Essay Transformation “This Book Will Save Your Life” Richard Novak, a self made worker who works independently, works with stocks and does trades online without ever leaving his house. Richard seems to have a really great lifestyle in Los Angeles, having his own personal nutritionist cooking him all healthy meals and his own personal trainer to help him get the exercise he needs every day. Richard lives comfortably and doesn’t appear to stress over much. One day Richard wakes up in the morning and is in severe pain thinking he is having a heart attack. Richard then goes to the hospital to find out what is wrong with him, but turns out that the doctors cannot find out anything causing the pain that he is feeling. Richard then realizes that nothing is wrong with him and he is feeling lonely and not having the closure that he desires. Finally when Richard gets out of the emergency room he finds a huge hole in front of his home and tries to tell everyone but they did not seem to care about it. Richard realizes how lonely he was feeling and realizes that he is still in love with his ex wife, and decides to call her. He then changes things in his life such as eating doughnuts for the first time in so long and interacting with all different types of people. Later on he leaves his home seeing his son drunk and finding
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