Review Of ' Twilight ' By Stephanie Meyers

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Twilight is a book written by Stephanie Meyers it is considered a romance, but with a lack of character depth and without those characters having many redeeming qualities it is hard to classify it as such. Twilight is the story of a 17 years who move in with her dad and fall in love with a vampire. There are many poor qualities in this book including Bella the main character, the stalker like qualities of Edward, the fact no one in the town notices the vampires, terrible parents, and a horrible villain.
Bella is the main character and the narrator of the story she is explained to be pale and that’s about it. Bella is a girl who apparently has always had to be the adult in her mother daughter relationship, but yet she completely lacks common sense. Numerous times in the book her life is threatened and it appears as if she actually enjoys it. She had absolutely no preservation of life it as if she thinks she is invisible with being the most week character in the book. At one point in the book she literally passes out from seeing blood and yet other times she rushing into danger with out a second thought. The book tries to play her actions as brave but they come across as childish and not thought out. Another problem is she is completely ok with Edwards’s horrible behavior towards her. He literally was sneaking into watch her sleep and she thought it was sweet. She is wanted to portrayed as one of the most mature people in the story but she comes across as clueless…
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