Review Of ' Two Brothers ' By Brian Evenson

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Character Analysis: Theron
In Brian Evenson’s barbarous short story Two Brothers, Theron dangerously expresses his deep-seated psychological issues when he ensues on a depraved murderous rampage. However, there is more to Theron’s character than just murder. Theron, the older brother to Aurel and son of an abusive self-appointed prophet, is extremely psychologically and mentally unstable. Theron’s sadistic personality is a direct result of the abuse and religious indoctrination imposed upon him and his brother by the family patriarch, Daddy Norton. Even though Theron is no longer under the physical control of his father, he is ever disturbed and consumed by father’s exploits. As a result, Theron displaces his emotions in the form of control and manipulation over Aurel. Daddy Norton’s various methods of perpetrating abuse, especially those in the physical and religious forms, are directly responsible for Theron’s malevolent behaviors and deprave indifference to life
The text reveals that Daddy Norton’s religious fanaticism dominates every aspect of his family’s lives. Nonetheless, his parenting methods are analogously guided by the same ideological standards. Bottoms et al. refers to the fact that the Bible actually encourages such violent, physically abusive parenting techniques as Daddy Norton’s in the verses: "He Religion and child abuse that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes" and "Withhold no correction from the child: for if
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