Review Of Upton Sinclair's 'The Place'

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Even though the book was a socialist point of view, The work place was an unsafe and unhealthy area to work because the book describes the area of work as a vulgar place and the amount that were injured in that time frame. The sound of the area he has to work to feed his family was a terrible disgusting place, and the people sounded barbaric. I simply do not understand why no one said anything about this way of life. In the 1920 over 1200 workers were injured or killed in the the work area. This number is a very rough estimate that is very low but still is very high just to be able to thrive for his family. Just think about it they’re just trying to have a better life in america but they risk their lives everyday so they can make money. The…show more content…
One of the reasons was that they were not use to anyone thinking the way Upton did he was more worried about how the people were living instead of being happy then him having a job. At the time of the creation of the book people were scared of labor unions because they did not want change. The reason why they didn't want change was because they wanted to have a job, so they called a great book from a great author a socialist because he had a different opinion. Upton Sinclair was pretty radical though with is the only reason why I can see them being pretty offended about him talking about the unsafe and unhealthy workplace. The description in the book are so disgusting that it is very hard to eat meat. “Jurgis could not hear it often enough; he could not ask with enough variations. Yes, they had bought the house, they had really bought it. It belonged to them, they had only to pay the money and it would be all right. Then Jurgis covered his face with his hands, for there were tears in his eyes, and he felt like a fool. But he had had such a horrible fright; strong man as he was, it left him almost too weak to stand up.” reading that quote from the Jungle really turns my stomach on how much they did not care about there employees. “Here were groups of cattle being driven to the chutes, which were roadways about fifteen feet wide, raised high above the…show more content…
Know people can go to work and not fear for there lives everyday know we can make enough money to make it through life and have more than you
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