Review Of Urie Bronfenbrenner 's ' Ecological Systems Theory '

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John Navarro October 26, 2017 HD 306 Reflection 2 1. Review Brofenbrenner’s Bioecological Model (pp. 396-401 & lecture on Introduction to Child Development). The ‘Ecological systems theory’, which was developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner consists of five different levels. These levels are, Chronosystem, Macrosystem, Exosystem, Mesosystem and the Microsytem. This system is used to explain how a child’s environment affects how a child grows and develops. The Chronosystem which is the outer part of the model covers the dimension of time as it relates to a child 's environment. The transition of a child’s life can affect them such as parent divorce or a death in the family. The Macrosystem is encompasses cultural values, customs, and laws an…show more content…
The DAC would fit into the Ecological Model because disabled individuals, specifically children face very difficult social and institutional environments as they develop and often have difficult times with, education and daily living supports. Parents that have disabled children undergo situational decision-making processes. The DAC would fall within the Mesosystem and Microsystem because the DAC is like a whole new family to disabled individuals. DAC accommodates disabled individuals and makes them feel like the fit into society. The DAC influences child development by creating events specifically for them to help children live a normal childhood an example would be bringing in clothes specifically made for children with autism, this helps them change without having a very difficult time. This helps children with being more independent without having to have their caregivers help them with certain needs. During the Movie Monday I helped by greeted people that were coming in as well as handing out shirts and making sure people were seated. I also was there to explain the local people why we are doing the event and where the donations are going to. We had popcorn and soda along with candy and we also had a makeup artist turn people into Zombies. The theme of the event was a zombie theme since Halloween is coming up. There were disabled people who also participated in the event and were also turned into zombies and lured people into the event. It was a
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