Review Of ' Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins '

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“Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” demonstrates the underlying dynamics between the Jenkins family as the children are all in the young adult stage. The family constellation of the Jenkins household encompasses Papa and Mama Jenkins who are the patriarch and matriarch of the family. This family system also consist of three children Otis, Roscoe, and Betty, and two cousin who are Clyde Stub and Reggie Jenkins. To celebrate this the auspicious occasion of their parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, the entire extended family are coming home. The Jenkin’s family narratives and assumptions has caused contention, resentment, and in some instances warmth that are unveiled by various interactive patterns. The family’s birth order entails Otis the eldest, Roscoe (RJ) the middle child, and Betty the youngest. Otis displayed characteristic of being the oldest child that was conveyed by his assertive behavior, leadership, and self-disciplined that was demonstrated throughout the movie. Roscoe displayed classic middle child syndrome characteristic of fighting for attention, being very creative, and perception of being left out. Betty the youngest was fun loving, energetic, and unscrupulous. Clyde parents died when he was young and the Jenkins welcomed him into the household and worked hard to seek attention for Papa Jenkins. Reggie was fun loving hustler of the family. Roscoe felt awkward, unloved, insignificant, and unimportant while growing up in the Jenkins…
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