Review Of ' What Women Can Learn From Men ' By Margaret Wente

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A Review of “What Women Can Learn From Men” By Margaret Wente Margaret Wente’s July 2015 Globe and Mail article, “What Women Can Learn From Men” addresses a common phenomenon, the comparison: between men and women. With her article, she hopes to advise women on how they can improve themselves and their lives with simple changes. Furthermore, she wisely chooses to avoid a sexist approach by commending men on their behavioral traits despite her gender. Infact, using logical implications, she portrayed herself as an example rather than offend her audience. Additionally, through evidence, figures, facts and a link, she skillfully supports her theories thus making her article significantly factual and effective. Although Margaret starts by stereotypically generalising men, she depicts some of their great qualities that women can truly learn from. Using different approaches, she portrays women and their thoughts then skillfully explains how they can better themselves by “thinking” like men. Despite how she initially condemned men, she concludes by logically beseeching that man-shaming “has gone far enough” and should stop. Despite being an article in the extensively read Canadian newspaper “the Globe and mail”, Margaret’s target audience is the broad female population. She therefore uses a different approach, one with less specialized language, as was stated in “Mind Wide Open.” The purpose is quite clear: she portrays women’s behavioral traits and their thoughts then

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