Review Of ' Who Moved My Cheese '

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Who Moved My Cheese is about how to make changes in your life and work. The story has four characters Hem and Haw, who are human. And Sniff and Scurry, who are mice. They are metaphors for different parts of your life. They all have a task in hand, to find cheese. “Cheese” is a person’s life goals. In the maze, or a person’s environment is where they need to seek cheese. Both the mice and the humans pair off. They all need to find cheese, which is success. The humans and the mice find cheese. The humans act like their in charge and decide who they will consume the cheese. The mice return to the station with cheese, but there isn’t any left. They aren’t shocked by what they find. I feel like it’s another metaphor, people trying to find achievement any cost. They will do whatever it takes to be on top. So they step on people and don’t care about the outcome. It’s them above everyone else. Eventually all of the cheese is gone. And when the mice find out, they leave and go on to the next station. They knew this would be the outcome. It’s like every man for himself. The humans are angered by the absence of the cheese. Hem and Haw are ill-equipped because they depended on the “cheese” for support. This is a metaphor for working and eventually being fired from your job. You have taken it for granted and have become unprofessional, so you’re let go. One human, haw thinks of looking for new start. He was suggesting moving on from this step back and starting a new life. But Hem is
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