Review Of 'With Kids, I' M Dad, Alone, Thug

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‘With Kids, I’m Dad, Alone, Thug’ The photo stood out to me and then the title. To see this photo brought back old memories for me. My first wife was a Caucasian women and I have two children from that marriage, a son and a daughter, the eldest being my son. This is how my family photo use to look, there I would be sticking out like a sore thumb not because of dread lock but because of dark skin. The title is what drew me in, I was curious to find out why he added ‘Thug’ to the title. The looks that I would get when we decided to go out in public as a family, they were very uncomfortable for me. When you are in a biracial relationship it is hard because people in America may act like they have matured into this multicultural awareness but
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