Review Of'show And Tell ' By Scott Mccloud

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The Importance of Visuals in Communication There are many different ways to tell a story, but which way is the best? As mentioned by Scott McCloud, young kids read books with many pictures, and as they develop into adults, they read books with less and less pictures, but is this the best way to read stories? There is a better method to read a story, and that method is through comics. In McCloud 's graphic essay "Show and Tell," McCloud proves that through the use of both writing and illustrations in comics, comics are the best form of literature to convey a story. By proving this, McCloud demonstrates how visual representation is very important while conveying a message, as it provides a bigger range of emotion and expression. As humans, we like creativity and emotions and thus, visual representation in communication is important in our society. In Scott McCloud 's graphic essay, "Show and Tell," he explains how words and images work together in the form of comics to convey a message. An example where he demonstrates this is during the first 16 slides. Without the use of images, the reader would not know what 's going on because the boy is not specific in his dialogue. Without the use of words, the reader would have no context about what 's going on in the pictures. A great analogy that McCloud uses on page 745 is that words and images are like dancers. He explains how both partners work together and support each other 's strengths so that they can be presented well as a
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