Review Paper: Frozen

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Reaction Paper: Frozen

Frozen is a computer-animated musical story produced Walt Disney Animations and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story is loosely based on Hans Andersen’s story, ‘The Snow Queen’. In summary, the animated musical revolves around the relationship of two sisters; Elsa and Anna who are both princesses of a kingdom. After the revelation of Elsa’s hidden powers, she seeks refuge in the mountains but not before causing an eternal winter to happen. Anna, the younger sister, tries to find her and convince her to go back with the help of Kristoff, an orphan living with a reindeer. Kristen Bell plays Anna while Idina Menzel plays the role of Elsa. Both are prominent musical singers. Actors also include, Jonathan
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I think, it is a wonderful choice for Anna since she accurately portrayed the awkward, energetic yet insecure personality of Anna through voice. Her singing was very much how you would expect a teenager to sing which is exactly what she needed to do for this film. Coupled with Idina’s powerful voice, their musical combination is a good example of a beautifully-constructed contrast. Overall, I think that this film has one of the best musical scores and deserves to be placed next to the pedestal of Lion King and Pocahontas.
The story itself is a rollercoaster of emotions. First, they will showcase the love between two sisters but we will be disheartened as we see this relationship fall apart and then hope that everything gets fixed again. For me, the part near the end of the movie did not do justice for the beginning of the film. We started with scenes that are highly emotional and nerve-wrecking but towards the end, the film has turned into one of those conventional Walt Disney movies. Although there is a major difference in how the things have ended in this musical; the sister saving the princess instead of the prince, I would have to say that the ending did not satisfy my expectation. I was seeking for grander emotions. Start the movie with good foundations and end it without breaking those foundations. Except for that, I think that the movie has a great input of maturity in it. It is not as simple as most Disney stories go and