Review Questions On Information System Trends

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Review Questions: Chapter 1: 1. -Information systems have helped businesses to become much more efficient and productive. Meaning that they are capable of doing much more work, while having fewer errors. -Three major new information system trends are: the emerging mobile digital platform, the growth of online software as a service, and the growth of in cloud computing. -A digital firm senses and responds to their environments far more rapidly than traditional firms, giving them more flexibility to survive in turbulent times. -Challenges of globalization in a flattened world are trying to keep you exports higher than your imports even If the product can be produced cheaper in a different location. Another challenge is the fact that jobs…show more content…
4. -Complementary assets are those assets required to derive value from a primary investment. By gaining these assets these businesses have a larger amount of organizational capital. -There is several of each, but the top managerial assets are supportive organizational culture. The top managerial asset is strong senior management support for technology investment and change. And the top social asset is the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. 5. -Technical Approaches- management science, computer science, operations research -Behavioral Approaches-psychology, economics, sociology -Sociotechnical view sees that optimal organizational performance is achieved by jointly optimizing both the social and technical systems used in production. Review Questions: Chapter 2: Review Questions: Chapter 3: 1.To build a useful information system, managers must know: -The environment in which the organization must function -The structure of the organization -The organization’s cultures and politics -The principal interest groups affected by the system and the attitudes of the workers that will be using the system -The kinds of tasks, decisions, and business processes that the information system is designed to assist. The impact on organizations from information systems can lead them to have a competitive advantage on the competition, if they use the information systems to their advantage. If the organization does
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