Review Questions On New Deal Legislation Essay

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Review Questions 1. New Deal Legislation a) The Work Progress Administration was one of the largest New Deal agency that was created in the United States. It is one of the most ambitious agency that was created from the past in order to help people. WPA was created during 1935 after the Great Depression occurred. The WPA purpose was to help employ millions of unemployed people. For example, it mostly helped unskilled men, women, and black to get a job. b) Due to the massive unemployment rate that was created during 1935, Roosevelt and his advisers launched a massive work relief which was known as the WPA. This agency was sponsored by FDR and his adviser Harry Hopkins. According to the and, it was FDR and Harry Hopkins who strongly supported this agency. And also, Ellen Woodward was one of the famous supporter of WPA who successfully pushed for women 's inclusion in the Professional Projects Division. WPA was needed because after the Great Depression, it left approximately eight million people jobless. And the problem that the WPA was suppose to address was to give unemployed Americans government-funded jobs on public works projects such as roads, bridges, parks, and many more. c) Although some people support and like the idea of what WPA are capable to do, there are others that are also opposed to it. For example, congress such as Senator Josiah Bailey are one of the people who opposed the idea of WPA. They believed that it will cost a lot of money

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