Review Questions On Tracking Gantt Chart

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Chapter 13: Review Questions
1. The Tracking Gantt chart graphically compares the plan and real time execution. The bar-chart design it simple to see contrasts between planned schedule and actual start, complete and remaining action times.
2. Earned value presage whether the project will complete over or under budget. Actual cost just let us how much the completed project cost without comparison.
3. SV gives a project view of how well all the greater part of the activities are meeting arranged dates. Research demonstrates that after twenty percent of a large project is finished, SV is a moderately decent pointer of schedule performance
4. The cost performance index is a popular index. An index of .60 demonstrates that 60 cents of work has been finished for each dollar spent. This would propose to the project manager that the project will be over budget or huge saving in remaining work will be expected to get the project in on budget.
5. BAC remains for Budget At Completion, EAC remains for Estimate At Completion. BAC is the thing that at to start with, you thought the project would cost you in your beginning project cost plan. BAC is the budget set in the beginning of the project. EAC is the estimate of what the project will cost based on the present numbers.
6. The usefulness and integrity of the baseline, as a system for checking progress and following back to the problem, can be dissolved by steady changing of the baseline. Thusly, changes in baselines must…

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